Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Surprise, surprise, and surprise another birthday post! I know it seems like that’s all I post about, and it is but I do like to wish my loved ones a very happy birthday! Jeff celebrated his 25th birthday on Monday (hee, hee)! I won’t share how old he is, but I’m going to share “41” great and random facts about him!!!

1. He’s very funny
2. He’s cute
3. He has a lot of compassion for everyone
4. He’s very, very smart
5. He makes a “mean” cheeseburger
6. He loves being a dad
7. He hates to wear socks and will only wear sandals
8. He’s a night owl
9. He makes his boys a home lunch every morning with whatever they want
10. He has un-conditional love for me
11. He wishes he had more hair, so he’ll only let me give him a haircut
12. He hates to swim because he doesn’t like water to get into his ears
13. He’s a complete “smart ass”
14. He really hates talking on the phone but will talk to me just to make me
15. He’s an amazing artist
16. He created a comic book in junior high and sold issues to his friends
17. He loves to golf and wishes he could do it a lot more
18. He loves the Denver Broncos
19. He hates the Oakland Raiders
20. He loves salt and vinegar potato chips
21. He can do almost any math problem in his head...
22. He really doesn’t like any type of Italian food
23. He will do anything that I ask him to do ANYTHING
24. He loves his parents and sisters very much and wishes we were able to closer
to them
25. He is completely the most “selfless” person I’ve ever known
26. He wishes he could buy his “dream” Mac computer
27. He gets up with me every morning at 5am just so he can spend time with me
before I leave for work
28. He hates to camp
29. He loves the sun so moving to Las Vegas was a “no brainier”
30. He hates feet…my feet especially
31. His favorite type of food is Mexican
32. He loves fruit…peaches, pineapple, strawberries and red grapes
33. He is the master at Excel and has stayed awake many nights creating/fixing
documents for my work
34. He would love to buy a corvette, but knows he’ll probably end up buying
something for me instead and that would be just fine for him
35. He hates people that gossip
36. He drives the boys to school everyday so they don’t have to get up any
earlier to catch the bus
37. He a very hard worker doing anything and everything to make life easier for
those he loves
38. He loves to stay up late at night watching old movies. For example….he’s
currently out in the family room watching his 2nd Dirty Harry movie.
39. He loves to get a back scratch after I get my nails done
40. He always wanted a little girl named “Jane”
41. He’s a great loving dad and husband and I’m glad he’s mine

Happy Birthday Jeff……I Love You


Thibodeau fam, Aug.2007 said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jeff!!! You really are a great guy and I've always thought you were such a good Dad. I won't call ya today since I do know that talking on the phone is not your thing. Hope you have a FANTASTIC day though.

Kim Rose said...

Great post Christie! I thought I knew him pretty well but I learned a few new things! Happy B-day Jeff! We love you!

Stephens Family said...

I didn't know he didn't like Italian food...hmmmm....Jeff is one great guy. Happy belated b-day bro.! Love ya!

The Flynn's said...

Ah, I posted a big long comment about good ol' Jeff and for some reason it didn't post. I'm going to bed tonight...will redo tomorrow! Love ya!