Sunday, April 19, 2009

I’m finally updating all of you on what’s new with the Mason family! Please forgive my rambling….I’m not the best writer which is why I don’t update the blog very often!

Jeff….is keeping very busy taking care of all the kids since his wife is never home. He’s gotten pretty good at car pools, school projects, grocery shopping and so on! He would be mad at me if he new that I was saying these things because he thinks he’s not the best person because he stays home, but I’m here to say….he ROCKS! We’ve finally decided to break down and figure out a way to get him a “smaller” version of his dream Mac computer. He wants to start doing some more designing and can’t do anything with the crappy computer we have, so Apple store here we come!

Me….. still trying to do the general manager thing and be somewhat of a mom and wife at the same time. Many of you already know that this job/company is not being very kind to me and I’ve been having a really hard time. It's gone from me just being tired at the end of the day, to me being mentally and physically exhausted at the end of the day. I think I’m seriously thinking of retiring very soon from the wonderful world of retail! I think after 15yrs I’ve paid my debt to society!

Cole….just keeping busy with football and friends. He’s on a team that is still undefeated for the season! Sports continue to be his #1 love after that it’s his mom. I love that he’ll still come lay in bed with me and watch a lifetime movie, right after he’s brought me a Diet Dr. Pepper! He’s doing so great in school and has made some great friends. We went to Idaho a couple of weeks ago and I loved watching Cole with his little cousins. He is the one that is always watching over then, making sure they have just what they need and aren’t getting left behind!

Brock… still Brock, always happy! He’s gotten so big, now taller than Cole (which we don’t say out loud)! He is doing awesome in school, so awesome he just got an award for his GPA which is a 3.95!!! Not only is he a smarty pants, he’s become quite the runner at his school receiving an award for running over 100 miles! It’s a program that his PE teacher put together and Brock jumped right in and is in 2nd place even though he joined the school/program mid-year! Finally, Brock has decided that he loves to swim! My kids have always been natural “fishes” so when Brock asked me to show him how to swim like me….I jumped for joy! He’s amazing in the water and is currently perfecting his breathing techniques.

Mr. Zach… being wonderful like always. It’s amazing how he still is the sweetest boy ever, unless Jane-Marie wants his cars! Speaking of cars….we now own stock in NASCAR! Not really, but we do own a lot of cars! Last month Grandpa Toombs came to Vegas to attend the races and gave Zach a Jimmie Johnson hat and well the rest is history….thanks a lot Grandpa . Zach has always loved cars, but now is hooked on NASCAR, to the extreme he prefers to watch the races on TV instead of cartoons! Jeff’s sister Nicole bonded with him over his NASCAR cars and now is receiving multiple phone calls regarding the race results!!!!!!

Janie girl… now quite the “drama queen”. I have no idea where her emotions come from (it can’t be the Toombs blood running through her) because she has become a major pain in the butt! While in Idaho, Jeff’s mom got to see how she can work up some tears rather quickly. Yet just as fast, turn those brown eyes around to melt your heart. Aunt Kim and Uncle Darren babysat on night and quickly had her Uncle Darren wrapped around her little fingers. We’ve decided that if anything ever happens to us, Jane-Marie will live with them….no questions.

I guess that’s enough talking for now! We miss you all so very much and wish we were closer! The following are some recent random pictures….ENJOY

This is the only picture that needs some explanation! Zach came into my room one night and sAid that he needed some paper so he could "stamp" his toes!!! Very creative don't ya think!


Robyn said...

I'm so amazed that you dropped the big hair Christie! Is it the Vegas influence? Do you still do it big when you go to Idaho? I love seeing all the pictures of your family. They are all growing up so fast. My nephews in Henderson do their hair just like Cole - that long/shaggy look. The hat on Zach is so cute! You need to call me and talk to me about this retail thing. I had no idea you were so miserable.

Kim Rose said...

It is about time you updated! Love the new background. It matches the pics perfectly.
Good to know that we get Jane. I really hope/pray that nothing happens to any of my sisters because I think Darren and I end up with all the kids. AGH!

DIAZ BLOG said...

so cute! I am sorry we missed you this time. I was looking forward to seeing the too of course! They are getting big! I am sorry that your job is not working out. I have tried to call a few times but just get voicemail. Call me and we can talk! I love you!

Mason Family said...

Let's see...Robyn, big hair long gone! My friend Cali now does my hair and won't let me go big anymore. I'll call you soon about the job thing!! Are you still in Utah?

Jenn....I've gotten your messages but am usually crying so I don't call! I have another meeting this Wednesday, and hopefully after that I'll know what we're doing! Love you all

Kim...get ready, all the kids in the Toombs family are coming to you! Ha, Ha, Ha

Robyn said...

Nope, I am in Pennsylvania - in Red Lion, just outside of York. Maybe you should move out here! We left Utah two weeks from tomorrow. It's pretty out here and I am starting to feel like I'll be okay without all my friends and family. I'm sure in time I'll make great friends out here. Can't wait to hear from you! Love you! BTW: I'm so proud of you for letting Kim take pictures with you in them. I was never successful at that! I took them, but there was always a big fight and I always had to delete them!

Mason Family said...

Ya know Miss Robyn...I won all the fights cause I was still your boss! Love you too, and I'll call ya ASAP!!!!

The Flynn's said...

Good update on everyone and cute pictures. I still think Jane looks a lot like my kids (or at least like Olivia). I hope I can see them this summer!