Friday, January 30, 2009

Our princess turns "3".......

I can hardly believe that Jane-Marie is already three years old. I'm a little late in posting about her birthday(nothing new for me when it comes to blogging) but I still wanted to share some of my thoughts about our sweet little girl, and of course PICTURES! I will never forget the day that I found out that I was pregnant "again" with Jane-Marie. I don't think I've shared this story with very many people because I truly am very embarrassed by how upset I was. It all began like a normal Monday work morning for me at Ann Taylor with me opening the store, setting up my management meeting schedule and preparing for my afternoon conference call. all changed!!! Mindy(my Asst. Manager) was working with me that morning and started talking about how crappy she was feeling due to that "time of the month"". I was surprised to hear that Mindy was already experiencing "that time" because our cycles were almost identical. Mindy clearly saw that look of "what" on my face and immediately said "you're late"!! I quickly disagreed with her and told her that our days were just off! Mindy of course wouldn't shut-up about it the was convinced that I was the extreme that she spent her lunch break driving to the grocery store and buying me a pregnancy test! Long story short, I took the test at work, got a positive result and completely freaked out! Of course I was in no condition to finish my day at work(being completely hysterical) so I decided to go see my Obgyn immediately and check for sure. After two pregnancy tests and an ultra sound, I was finally convinced...I was pregnant AGAIN! I really couldn't believe that I was going to have another baby and I really didn't know how I felt about it. After getting home and sharing the "big" news with Jeff, I thought that I would calm down and be happy. NOT!!!!! I wasn't happy for several months, to the extreme that I really just tried to pretend that I wasn't pregnant. I was having a bad dream and I would wake up and all would be "normal". Well, I finally did "wake up" and realized that I was going to have another baby and well...."thank heaven for precious little girls"! We were blessed with our sweet little Jane-Marie on January 11, 2006. I now look at my wonderful family and cannot imagine life without her. Jane-Marie is vibrant, sweet, beautiful, loving, spunky and well practically perfect in every way(at least I think so). Everyday, I thank my Father in Heaven for allowing me to be her mom and pray that I can raise her the way he would like me too. So, Happy Birthday my sweet little princess.....I'm so happy that you're my daughter!

2 months old


1st. Birthday

Jane-Marie is now 2yrs old...can't you tell

Just trying to look happy

3rd Birthday

Dora the Explorer/Jane-Marie posing for her b-day picture

Dora again

Jane-Marie's favorite look which says "whatever"


Thibodeau fam, Aug.2007 said...

She is growing up fast! I remember feeling very worried when I found out that I was pregnant with Annie, now I can't imagine having it any other way. Jane looks soooo much like you...well Jeff too.

DIAZ BLOG said...

she is so cute! Time goes by quickly...huh! I am glad you had a great birthday! Miss you guys

Flynn Fam 6 said...

She is so cute, Happy Birthday little princess! Love the Dora wig, too funny!