Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to my sister Natalie.......

So. some of my sister's have started this "tradition" that on one sister's birthday, another sister will post something about her on their blog. I decided that I would go ahead and make a post to wish my little sister Natalie a very "happy birthday". I'm still buried in boxes so I don't have any funny, embarrassing or classic pictures of her, so I posted her recent family picture...which is "very" cute!!!! Here are some great memories and facts about Miss Natalie.......
1. Natalie was actually born on Thanksgiving day in 1977. She loved that fact so much that she would remind the "whole" family of it every year! Hee Hee
2. Natalie has always been able to out EAT anyone...and not gain a single pound. She has no butt and chicken legs, but is still very, very beautiful. I've always been jealous of her cute figure.
3. Natalie is a very kind, loving and sensitive person. She will always be the first to step in and help someone in need. She is a true example of the "silent servant".
4. Natalie is a great wife and mother. She had a very TOUGH first marriage to a man that may I say was quite a JERK!!!!!! Nat always held her head high and maintained strength and dignity even when many around her worked and worked to bring her down. She met and married a great man and now has 4 beautiful daughters. Natalie's days completely revolve around her family and it truly shows in her wonderful family,
5. Natalie can be very annoying at times! When we were little, Natalie would pick and nag me to the point that I would seriously beat her up to shut her up! Now at the age of 31, she doesn't do that anymore...but she will keep saying the same thing over and over until one of the sisters, Quinn, or someone actually listens to her! We still love ya!!
6. Natalie is actually very smart. She's always been very hard on herself because sometimes things just go "right over her head", but that's because she's too sweet and nice to catch the "crap". Natalie started her "adult" life very young and is a very good wife, mother, sister, friend, neighbor and church leader. Now you can't be all of those things without being VERY smart.
7.Finally, Natalie is a great sister. When we were little, we shared a bedroom and we would play and play for hours. We would dance, sing, play house, whatever we could think of. Natalie was the type of sister that would play whatever I told her too!!!! Natalie is still the one that will do anything and everything for her sisters. She is usually the first to place a random phone call just say 'hi" or be there to help with anything that is needed! So to my very Beautiful, Loving, Compassionate, Annoying and Smart sister.....HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY


Kim Rose said...

Great post Nat!
What do you mean she is not annoying? Just kidding! We love you Nat!
Happy Day!
Go eat more of your chocolate cake!

Thibodeau fam, Aug.2007 said...

I am not annoying are bossy...hee hee.
Thanks Christie, I will pay ya back in Aug. Love ya!!

The Flynn's said...

Awww, love you so much Nat. Wish I was there to party with you! This was a great post Christie. Miss you all!

Stephens Family said...

agree, agree and agree...nat, is a great sister and definitely the sweet, thoughtful one. : ) love ya nat and hope you had a great old are you anyway?

DIAZ BLOG said...

Happy birthday Nat, we love you!